About Terraza Kitchen and Bar

William “Willy” Garcia has a deep passion for culinary eclecticism.

His restaurant Helltown Kitchen, located next door to Terraza, opened in 2019 and has become a Provincetown favorite.

The spirited restauranteur, a Venezuelan immigrant, speaks enthusiastically about the wide range of global influences that come together on the menu of his Provincetown restaurant, Helltown Kitchen. He says his goal is to provide Provincetown with “a little bit of something different.” Drawing inspiration from his home country, in addition to many other culinary hotspots worldwide, including India and the Caribbean, Garcia presents not only food that is truly global and unique, but also a space that itself feels like an homage to the cultures of these countries.

Together with his partners in crime Todd Tedesco, Alejandro Alvarez, and executive Cheff David Fuentes, Terraza brings a new and exciting vibe to the Provincetown food scene. 

Willy is excited to bring his culinary talents to Terraza Kitchen and Bar.